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Enjoy all the Upper Peninsula has to offer this winter!

Extreme Cold Continues - Electric Bills May Be Affected

The central UP is experiencing some very low temperatures during the month of February and relief may be a week or more away. Temperatures dropped into the double digits below zero over the last two weeks forcing school cancellations and other adjustments to daily life.

Above all else, Alger Delta wants its members to be safe and warm during this time of extreme cold. We urge our most vulnerable members – those who are elderly, may have health issues to contend with, or who are isolated from neighbors – to take extra precautions and make sure you stay warm. Preparedness is essential. Make sure you have plenty of resources to maintain your daily living habits. If you need assistance call family, friends, neighbors, or 2-1-1.

Alger Delta has been able to maintain very good reliability during the extreme cold and we are working hard to make sure the power stays on and you stay warm.

Alger Delta also wants members to know it is very likely that you are using more energy during times extreme cold. It only makes sense… no matter what the heating source, it is likely running longer and running more frequently. If you are staying home to beat the cold, you may be using more water, light and other things that use electric energy. Please be aware that these extreme cold periods will typically cause your next bill to be higher.

When your bill arrives, if you have any questions or need assistance, please call one of our friendly member service representatives at 906-428-4141.