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Energy Education

We have educational programs available for any group or school who would like to take advantage of free material for businesses, students or the communities. All educational programs are free and can be tailored for almost any audience.

National Theatre for Children

NTC is offered to all schools each year at no cost. The traveling acting troupe presents a half-hour play on electrical safety and conservation.

Pedal Power

Pedaling a bicycle powers lights, fans, a radio, etc. This program demonstrates how electricity is generated and the importance of conserving energy.

Watts Up! Meter

A Watts Up! meter is available for loan to Alger Delta CEA customers. It will measure voltage, amperage and cost of appliances or other equipment operating at 110 VAC (e.g. refrigerators, televisions, etc.).

To find out how much energy your appliances are costing you, or to compare your current appliances to the new energy efficient appliances, use the Watts Up! meter today!