Board of Directors and Staff

Alger Delta Cooperative is dedicated to meeting our members’ needs while helping to make the community a better place to live and work. Alger Delta is one of about 900 electric cooperatives serving over 40 million electric consumers in 47 states.

Alger Delta has a nine-member Board of Directors who exercise the governance function of the Cooperative. Local representation and control allow all members to have a strong voice in how the cooperative is run and how to best meet the needs of the areas where we serve. Democratic control is one hallmark of Cooperatives — local people working together to provide safe, reliable, and affordable electric energy.

Alger Delta Announces Election Results:

Incumbent directors Dave Prestin, Mike Lawless, and Karen Alholm were seated at the Alger Delta meeting. The event was held at the Island Resort and Casino on Wednesday, June 16, 2021. 

Want to Run for the Board?

Click here for information on how to run for the board of directors, or to print out the nomination petitions. 

Current Board Members:

District 1
Big Bay
Darryl Small 

District 2
Karen Alholm  - Vice President

District 3
Grand Marais
Mike Lawless - President

District 4
Cedar River/Palestine
Dave Prestin  

District 5
Cornell/Gourley/Hannahville Indian Community/LaBrance
Steve Wery

District 6
Nathan/White Rapids
Jesse Betters

District 7
Stonington/Rapid River
Kirk Bruno

District 8
Don Johnson

District 9
Hiawatha/Maple Ridge
Doug Bovin - Secretary/Treasurer