Electric Safety Tips

Call Before You Dig  

Planning a home improvement job? Planting a tree? Installing a fence or deck? WAIT! Here's what you need to know first:      

Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means calling 811 three full working days before each job. Homeowners often make risky assumptions about whether or not they should get their utility lines marked, but every digging job requires a call – even small projects like planting trees and shrubs. The depth of utility lines varies and there may be multiple utility lines in a common area. Digging without calling can disrupt service to an entire neighborhood, harm you and those around you and potentially result in fines and repair costs. Calling 811 three full working days before every digging job gets your underground utility lines marked for free and helps prevent undesired consequences.

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Why do we Clear Right Of Ways

Electric co-ops clear right of ways to ensure our members receive the safe, reliable energy they depend on.

Watch this short video on why and how we do it!            




Generator Safety    

WARNING:  If you connect a portable electric generator to the mail electrical supply coming into the house, the electrical generator could feed back into your electric cooperative's system and electrocute workers who are repairing the electrical lines.

To avoid back feeding of electricity into utility systems, you must have a qualified, licensed electrician install a double-pole, double-throw transfer switch (see illustration) between the generator and utility power in compliance with all state and local electrical codes. (A minimum of 10-gauge wiring must be used.)

Your generator might not be large enough to handle the load of all the lights, appliances, TV, etc. at one time. To prevent dangerous overloading, calculate wattage requirements correctly.

Learn More:   Generator flyer (front)     -     Generator flyer (back)



Linework Safety Gear

Lineworkers serve on the front lines of our nation's energy needs to ensure we have safe, reliable power.  throughout the years, the challenges of the job haven't changed much, but the safety gear sure has.

Let's take a look at the evolution of a linework's equipment.