Member Owned Renewable Energy

Member owned renewable energy for your home or business can save money on your electric bill and displace greenhouse gas emissions produced from fossil fuel energy sources.  We provide our members the opportunity to generate renewable energy to offset their consumption and receive credit for any excess generation delivered back to the grid.  Our requirements for interconnection and operation of parallel generators (solar panels, wind turbines, etc...) can be found in the following tariffs:

Parallel Generation Facilities < 20 kW

Parallel Generation Facilities > 20 kW


The process is easy.  Normally, members will follow the sequence below when interconnecting a parallel generator to our distribution system: 

  • Fill out and submit an Interconnection Application with $100 fee:

Interconnection Application

  • We will review the application(s).  If the Interconnection Application looks good, we will send back an Interconnection Agreement for signature. 
  • Member (or member’s contractor) obtains an electrical permit for the project.
  • Install the new parallel generator. 
  • Get approval on the electrical work from the local electrical inspector.
  • We will install a new meter capable of metering excess energy delivered back to the grid.
  • Turn on your new parallel generator and enjoy lower bills and the great feeling of using clean renewable energy!


There is much to consider and figure out before filling out an Interconnection Application.   Where to put a solar array for best energy production, how large of a system to install, how to maximize your financial payback, and more.  We can help. Contact our WPPI Energy Services Manager, Brett Niemi at or 906.284.2298.  He can help you get started with a consultation and site assessment free of charge.