Net Metering

UPDATE - Our net metering program has reached the maximum amount of participation and is no longer available for new applications, but members can still apply for interconnection of renewable energy generators (solar PV, wind turbines, etc…) and receive credit for excess energy generation per the “Requirements for Operation of Parallel Generation Facilities” tariff.

Renewable energy systems generate electricity or provide hot water by capturing clean energy from the sun and wind. Using renewable energy in your home or business can save you money on your electric bill and displace greenhouse gas emissions produced from fossil fuel energy sources.

Of course, renewable energy isn’t just good for the planet. It can also help control our community’s energy costs over the long haul. The money you spend on renewable energy gets reinvested in new, energy-efficient alternatives that will help control energy costs in the future. And because it is produced in the Midwest, renewable energy can increase our energy independence.

Interconnection & Net Metering Application Category 1

Interconnection & Net Metering Application Category 2

Click on the link and download the necessary paperwork to move forward with your distributed generation/net metering project.

Net Metering Tariff

Click on the link to access Alger Delta Cooperative's Net Metering Tariff.

Renewable Energy Incentive Programs:

--  Renewable Energy Incentive Cut Sheet  /  Renewable Energy Incentive Application

-- Energy Optimization Solar PV Application

--  Requirements for Parallel Gen Facilities