Residential Programs

There are many residential programs and incentives that are currently available through the Energy Optimization program.

Appliance Recycling

Get a $50 cash incentive for recycling an old, but still-working refrigerator or freezer. Includes free pickup.

Efficient HVAC

Get great cash incentives from $50-$925 on Wi-Fi/smart thermostats, furnaces, central AC systems and more.


In-store and mail-in cash incentives for qualifying ENERGY STAR lighting and appliances.

Income Qualified Services

Income Qualified Services help customers in need of assistance to complete energy-saving home improvements.

Online Home Audit

Free energy-saving products for completing an online home energy survey. Provides tips for making upgrades right away.

Home Energy Assessment

Learn how to lower your energy bills and improve the comfort of your home when you receive a FREE home energy assessment.

Interactive Home

Energy Saving Tips and Incentives