Start, Stop, Transfer Service

Start, Stop, Transfer Service

To start, stop, or transfer service, call our billing office at 1-800-562-0950.  A utility credit check is required to begin service with Alger Delta Cooperative.  In some cases, based on a utility credit check a deposit may be required.  A customer service representative will be asking you to provide some sensitive information to run the utility credit check.  If you do not wish to provide this information a $240 deposit will be required to establish service.   

       Temporary Disconnect Policy


The Cooperative will disconnect service with no charge to the Member-Consumer upon due notice as provided elsewhere in these rules. However, if restoration of service at the same location is requested by the same Member-Consumer or property owner(s), a reconnect charge will be applied. The reconnect charge will be increased by the amount of the minimum charge in the applicable rate schedule for the months' service was disconnected, provided such reconnect is made during the twelve (12) month period immediately following disconnect. 


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