Tree Removal Form

Alger Delta Cooperative Electric Association is comprised of 998 miles of overhead electric distribution lines in six counties since its founding in 1937. Presently, Alger Delta averages 7.3 members per mile as compared to 60 plus consumers of other local utilities. The end result is that we have considerably more miles of line to maintain at a higher cost per member/consumer than surrounding utilities.

At a customer's request, we will consider removing a tree if it interferes with a primary transmission or distribution line, and if removing it will eliminate the need for future trimming. We will not remove a tree without the property owner's permission. If a tree is dead, dying, diseased, storm-damaged, or is likely to be severely deformed by trimming, we will suggest it be removed.  If the tree being removed is dead or dying it shall be the homeowner's responsibility to clean up debris.  The responsibilities of the homeowner and the Cooperative will be discussed and agreed upon before work is done. 

Alger Delta's responsibility is to ensure safe, reliable electric services for ALL cooperative members. We request that you complete this form if you notice a tree or trees that could become a danger to our lines.

A phone number you can be reached at should we have questions.